A NEW “Our Exmouth House” is coming!!

Works have commenced on a new addition to “Our Exmouth House”.

This house is a spacious 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home and has a theatre room, spacious living areas and the lounge and kitchen have the best views in the house, looking directly out over the canals with views of two canals.

This house will be available for rent from January 2015 – possibly sooner.

You can register your interest by emailing info@ourexmouthhouse.com.au or follow Facebook updates facebook-button

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Exmouth Fishing Report

Steve Vitali was fishing the shoreline around Mildura Wreck access road recently to target bluebone using crab and squid.  The bluebone frequent this area regularly and are a hard fighting fish that can be challenging to land.  Steve got some weird soft bites and hooked something that seemed rather unusual as it didn’t bite hard like the bluebone usually do.  He brought it to the surface and to his surprise he caught a massive rock lobster that measured three times the length of his stubbie of beer!  Despite it not being a tasty bluey, it was a rather delicious as an unexpected surprise that is always good for dinner!


Nat Everett has entered the monthly fishing comp with a 68cm spangled emperor that was caught on a Maria stick bait off Tantabiddi recently while she was fishing with her partner Tosh.  Nat is pictured this week with her great catch and beaming smile.  The fish was released again and this style of fishing with surface lures can be very rewarding for anglers.  The action is tense and very visual as the fish hunt down the lure. All entrants for the monthly fishing comp for January were fantastic, with the winner being Scott Bolt and his marlin. Congratulations Scott!


A 3m tiger shark was caught by some recreational anglers fishing from the beach this last week.  The fish was brought to the shore and carefully handled before release.  There has been quite a bit of interest with shark fishing lately, with night time fishing for these species being very productive, not to mention cooler than the days!  The balmy nights are still around 30degrees on the gulf side, but substantially cooler on the west side.


The rains have continued to fall on the eastern side of the gulf and if you are up in an aeroplane you can see there has been a lot more than in the town of Exmouth.  This is great news for the fishing year ahead, with high rainfall in this area feeding the mangroves and creeks that run in to the gulf.  The Exmouth Gulf is a very healthy ecosystem and you can catch just about any species in here where the mean depth is around 12m.  The creeks can be very tricky to navigate and we don’t recommend going there without plenty of planning and time.  However, the gulf waters hold much more variety and is far safer for navigation.  We hope the rain will continue over there and add to the excitement for the year.

Fishing report brought to you by Bluewater Tackleworld Exmouth.


Happy Australia Day!!!



Exmouth Holiday Accommodation

Its time

Exmouth Fishing Report August 2013!

Well hello yellow…this is what anglers have been saying this week in the waters out wide, as schools of massive yellowfin tuna estimated at up to 100kg have been encountered. Neil Smith and Ian Huxter in Neil’s 5m centre console caught four rippers this last week and there’s been plenty of sashimi about. Leigh Freestone, Leigh Mitchell and Matt Gates headed out and began with a four-way hook up as soon as they came close to the area where the birds were working out wide. Leigh and Matt then jumped in with dive gear and braved the deep ocean to attempt getting one on spear and video. The adrenalin from just simply being in the water with fish of this calibre was incredible and the two guys are still pumped about the day. Although they didn’t get one on spear, the experience was one they will never forget.
RubiLocal boat ‘The Bear’ headed out for a few days while the weather was perfect and managed to tag half a dozen black marlin, while also raising a super big blue marlin and a striped marlin. The crew onboard also caught some great fish deep dropping including the 20kg ruby jobfish pictured this week that was caught on a Daiwa metal jig.
On the shore scene, it has been a little quiet inside the gulf, although Bundegi has had some big schools of garfish in close that have been smashed up by predatory fish like mackerel, queenfish and giant trevally. The spectacle can be seen from shore and has kept visitors well entertained. Another sight from the shore is the whales, with plenty of them breeching in the gulf daily.
EGFC has had some great success with the fishing clinics on Saturday morning with over a dozen kids showing up for the two-hour session. Last week they learnt about knots and rigs, while this week it was about lures and casting. The clinics are each Saturday for this term and anyone is welcome to come down to the EGFC and join in. Cost to attend the clinics is $5 per week and includes a sausage sizzle and you also get to take home a lure or other goodies each week! So, it’s well worth it. Other weekend sessions will include learning about compliance, boating, trolling, filleting, fly fishing and all sorts.
Aaron Rampling was out fishing with Peak Sportfishing last week and caught a pending WA and Australian record sailfish on fly gear with 8kg tippet. The fish weighed in at 33.8kg and adds another great capture to Exmouth.


From the Exmouth Bluewater Tackleworld!

Our Exmouth House – Free Nights Competition!!


400 Likers Comp

Our Exmouth House – The gardens are growing!

It was great to get to Exmouth recently and spend some time in our gardens…

The plants are growing so well and have created the tropical holiday feel we wanted! There was a bit of a concern with Cyclone Narelle passing but luckily we escaped any damage and our gardens continue to thrive!

Exmouth Beach Babe…

Our bubby girl Kai enjoying her second holiday in Exmouth.

She’s a little water baby and Bundegi Beach is an awesome beach to take the family (dogs included!) for a swim and some lunch.  Pack your suncream, towels and a beach brolly and you’re set.  Don’t forget your esky with some cold bevvies and lunch and you’re up for a great day in the sunshine.

We are looking forward to spending lots more time there!

Exmouth Fishing Report Jan 2013

The Winner of the Tackle World Exmouth Shimano competition for 2012 was Trent Gregory.  Congratulations Trent!  Junior angler Trent caught his first  sailfish and entered it in the monthly competition, which also entered him in the yearly comp and won himself $700 worth of Shimano fishing gear.  Trent shared his prize with his big sister Kiara and we’re not sure if Trent’s smile was bigger than Dad’s?  Last year a junior angler from the south won the comp and the year before a retiree from Esperance won it.  In 2013 it is even easier to win and there are more prizes too!  You can enter free in-store by telling us about your fishing story and providing us with a photo. Every month one lucky angler wins a $50 Tackle World Exmouth gift voucher and in December 2013 one person will win $1000 worth of Shimano Fishing Tackle.

Matt  Wardley of Exmouth and his brother James from Melbourne were fishing recently with Paul Cornish from Carnarvon before the cyclone came close.  The trio went out fishing aboard Matt’s boat Blackjack in search of pelagic fish off the tip of the cape and west of the lighthouse.  James caught his first billfish with a blue marlin measuring 2.4m and estimated to be around 100kg. It was caught in 300m of water using a 24kg outfit. The fish was healthily released after a quick photo.  Paul caught a sailfish in the same area measuring 2.2m on a 15kg outfit.  James also caught the cracking dolphin fish pictured this week that was 5kg.  The boys caught 4 dolphin fish and kept the one to eat fresh while here on their visit.  All three boys have entered the fishing comp already and we think they are already winners with such great fishing during their time out on the water.

The muggy weather and stirred up waters from the cyclone has made fishing a little challenging for some anglers, particularly those in the gulf with murky and confused water.  It didn’t stop people getting in to the crabbing though and several reports of good mudcrab catches with full muddies has been coming in-store. Paul Michelli and his cousin Damien are here on holidays with their families and getting in to the mudcrabs, golden trevally and ruby snapper.   The family are staying in a holiday house on the canals and have also been catching a load of small emperors from their jetty.  The kids love the fishing and they all have been enjoying the fresh seafood.

Report brought to you by Exmouth Bluewater Tackle World

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