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Our Exmouth House

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The Ningaloo Reef is one of the world’s largest fringing reefs.  The Ningaloo Reef is a virtually untouched barrier reef of about 260km in length that protects shallow, brilliant white sandy lagoons of clear tropical waters and is home to more than 500 species of fish and 220 varieties of coral. You can walk from the beach straight onto a coral reef, snorkel in the protected marine park, swim with the majestic whalesharks or just sit on the beach and enjoy the spectacular view.

Whatever your holiday needs the Ningaloo has it all in spectacular abundance.

Local Attractions

4wd & Camping
4wd Shothole Canyon Road or Charles Knife Canyon to Cape Range National Park, just 35 kilometres from the centre of Exmouth.
Camp where spectacular gorges, carved by ancient rivers, meet Ningaloo’s coral reefs, clear blue seas and sandy beaches.
Drive to the northern tip of the Cape, watching out for local wildlife. Kangaroos are everywhere in the early morning and late afternoon.

Diving & Snorkelling
Turquoise Bay is a must with excellent drift snorkelling over the coral garden. Take a glass bottom boat tour or hire equipment from local dive shops.

Walk to Yardie Creek past wildlife and wildflowers, watching out for rare black-footed wallabies crouching on the steep walls or follow the three-kilometre walking trail through Mandu Mandu Gorge. You’ll feel as if you’re the only people on earth.

Light and Heavy Game Fish
Fishing is fantastic year round are over 30 different Game fish species, with the Ningaloo region being recognized as the premier game fishing destination in Western Australia.

GAMEX is held in annually in March along with other fishing competitions throughout the year.

Milyering Visitor Centre 
Visit the for an interpretation of the marine and coastal ranges environments.

Vlaming Head Lighthouse
This is the only Lighthouse in Australia that still burns kerosene. Lovingly restored, visitors can take a tour to discover the history of the North West Cape. The Lighthouse Bay beaches along Mildura Wreck Road are ideal for fishing, swimming and a refreshing evening stroll. The SS Mildura shipwreck is visible from the shore.

Local Marine and Wild Life

April to June/July
Swimming with the majestic whalesharks is an opportunity of a lifetime and one not to be missed!   They are the gentle giants of the sea and during April – July we have them right here on our doorstep to enjoy.

The Whaleshark Festival is held in Exmouth in May each year.

Manta Rays
May to November
Manta rays can be seen generally between May to November in Exmouth. They migrate in huge schools and snorkelers and divers can use the opportunity to swim with these playful creatures.

Humpback Whales
June to November
The Humpbacks are the 5th largest of whales, weighing up to 50 tonne.
There are viewing points at Vlamingh Head Lighthouse, Town Beach and Bundegi Beach.  Book a tour through the Exmouth Visitor Centre to observe these beautiful creatures in their natural environment.

November to February/March
3 species of turtles can be seen in the Ningaloo Reef.  Green, Loggerhead and Hawksbill.

Coral Spawning
March & April
Coral Spawning is when the coral releases eggs and sperm into the surrounding ocean – a remarkable sight for divers and snorkelers. This occurs approximately 7-10 days after the full moon in March and April.

These funny locals can be found wandering the streets at any time during the year. 
Please remember they are wild birds and show them respect.   Give them the right of way and please DO NOT FEED THEM.